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Offhand Brush is a fast and spontaneous brush font with quite a messy feel, a great option for book covers, packaging projects, album art, web titles, and even small chunks of text. It looks messy, but don't get it wrong: on the inside, it's a laborious piece of work, with four alternates for each Latin letter and two for numerals, as well as two options for Cyrillic and Greek letters.

To make things even more uneven, there are still a few different letter designs programmed to pop up when specific combinations of three or four glyphs appear in the text. These are managed by the OpenType 'Standard Ligatures' feature, although they are far from standard and are not quite ligatures. And why so? Because this way it will usually be on by default, making the font way more interesting.

Hey, wait! There are some ornaments too. And a couple of contextual kerning pairs, hell yes!

Use it big!

[Illustration on the first graphic by our amazing neighbor @pedrocorrea84]

What's inside:
. Four alternates for each Latin letter
. Two alternates for each numeral
. Alternates for punctuation marks
. Alternates for Cyrillic & Greek glyphs
. Ligatures
. OpenType contextual alternates feature (Automatic alternates)
. OpenType standard ligatures feature
. Contextual kerning
. Punctuation and symbols
. Ornaments
. Broad language coverage, including Cyrillic and Greek characters

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- Creative Market
- Fontspring

- Alternates
- Ligatures
- Additional Numbers
- Contextual kerning
- Ornaments
- Stylistic Sets

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