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This typeface is inspired by the powerful political and social posters by Paul Peter Piech, a tireless artist and printer. Questioned about his endless energy and focus on work, he said "I don't want to sit around and be silent".
Pieches is a linocut-looking font heavily loaded with interlocks, including vertical pairs of letters. There are alternates also, and not quite a few: four glyphs for each letter so countless expressive possibilities are open. Graphical elements are also included, for added wilderness.
This is a loud-speaking font for those who don't want to be silent. Come on, let’s shout!

Test & License:
- MyFonts
- Fontspring
- Monotype
- YouWorkForThem

OpenType Features:
- Kerning
- Alternates
- Ligatures
- Stylistic Sets
- Typographic Variants

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